How To Wear Saree As Postpartum Clothing?

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Post Partum Saree
Postpartum clothing is a specialised field that has medical overtones more than fashion ones. But in the traditional set up of India you may have situations where you are required to wear a saree right after child birth. There may be a function in the family or some festival that deems other kind of nursing clothes inappropriate. So in that case where draping a saree as postpartum clothing becomes essential you need to use some tricks. Your postnatal care fundamentals are absolutely necessary to follow because they have direct impact on your health. But tradition too has its own value so keep both sides.
Here are a few tricks of saree draping that can help you carry off a saree as postpartum clothing.

Tips to Wear Saree as Post Maternity Clothes:

  • Don't knot the petticoat too tightly. If you have had a c section or even otherwise you need keep your belly comfortable. Your abdominal muscles have gone through a lot of turmoil recently so don't strain them at all. Keep the strings of your petticoat tied loosely so that it does not hurt your slightly bloated belly.
  • If you have had a c section then tie your saree above your stitches. If you tie a heavy saree over the stitches or just under them then all the weight of the saree will fall on your healing scar. You have to be very careful not to make this mistake regarding postpartum clothing. It has the potential to cause the opening up of your stitches too.
  • Wear a light saree ideal as nursing clothes. Customs dictate that you wear a saree not what kind of a saree you should wear. You wear a cotton saree loosely around your waist. It will keep you light on your feet and make sitting easier.
  • Avoid sarees with thick or heavy borders. If the saree has a very thick zari border then you may hurt your tender abdomen while tucking it in. Usually the border of the sarees are made out of rough textile that can scratch the skin around your stitches. This could be very painful and also dangerous if your stitches are not healing very well. The blood pus accumulated there could seep out so make sure you choose a plain saree.
  • The way you drape the saree will also have an effect on your body. There are some styles of wearing a saree that makes it more suitable as postpartum clothing. Draping the saree in a Bengali style takes the load of your waist. This is because Bengali sarees are not worn with pleats but the 'anchal' is taken on two sides shifting the weight to your shoulders.

So if you want to wear a saree immediately after delivering your baby you have to keep the basic ideas that go into making postpartum clothing.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 15:59 [IST]
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