Tips To Reduce Post C-Section Belly

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Post C Section Belly
Post C section your belly becomes a pouch that you are wearing around like an apron. To lose weight after pregnancy is one thing if you have had a vaginal birth; it is quite another if you have had an caesarian delivery. The bad news is that the C section fat that has accumulated around your waist will not go away anytime soon. You may see mothers with flat bellies right after birth but they are plain lucky. In most cases women put on extra fat during the prenatal period and have the baby bump as an after pregnancy belly. In many cases it is not even evident that the baby has come out!

So if you are all tensed up about your baby belly fat then these tips can point you in the right direction.

What to do with Post C Section Belly?

1. C Section Fat: You may think that the C section that has been cut into your abdomen to bring out your baby has nothing to do with that hanging pouch of flesh. It is rather unfortunate but your tummy is bound to stick out after caesarian delivery. Imagine how stretched your skin was and then it was sliced into half. Sometimes all the fats under the skin seep out to form lumps of fat that are near impossible to burst naturally.

2. The C Section belt: Many woman wear belt after their C section on their doctors advice. This belt holds the flabby stomach in place so that the shape of your abs doesn't get spoiled permanently. It supports the post C section belly so that it doesn't hang and can be flattened once you lose weight after pregnancy.

3. Diet: If you are breast feeding you cannot go an diet without the doctors advice. If you have C section fat then you need to understand that apart from having a baby and nursing it you have just had a major operation. There has been blood loos and strain to your body. Don't be so hard on yourself. You have to eat everything to get back your health before you get back your shape.

4. Exercises for post C section belly: Before you start exercising you have to give your stitched stomach time to heal. Don't forget that your abdomen has been sliced open from one end to the other so you cannot do ab crunches or squats which are the standard exercises for reducing belly fat. In fact, you should not be working out at all till 8 week of a caesarean delivery. Start with breathing exercises by pulling in your stomach and releasing and then you can move on to mild aerobics or yoga to lose weight after pregnancy. If you over work and strain your abdominal muscles too much then you may even end up with a hernia!

Don't compare yourself with other new moms. You have the added disadvantage of a post C section belly which extremely difficult to flatten.

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Story first published: Monday, August 29, 2011, 16:05 [IST]
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