Top 9 Ways To Tackle Labor Pain

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Labor Pain
We know that to be mums always fear about labor pains but presently there has been a lot of developments in the medical field that have been adopted by doctors for a pain free delivery. Today, let's take a look at some medical and natural ways to get relieved from labor pains.

Labor pain occurs due to contractions in the uterus, it takes place while pushing the baby down. The pain the abdominal region and birth canal is severe and may go on from hours to days. It is said that preparing for childbirth is the toughest phase as the mother needs to cope up with a lot of pain.

The pain experienced by women depends from person to person. The amount of pain during delivery depends on various factors like size and the position of the baby, the mother's pelvis, her emotional strength and pressure of contractions. Here are the two options to get relieved from labor pains.

Natural Ways -
1. Getting massages and warm baths

2. Breathing and relaxation techniques

3. Soothing Music

4. Getting into a comfortable position

5. Take the support of loved ones

Medical Ways -
1. Analgesics – An intravenous analgesic(an IV) is injected directly into blood to reduce the pain. Analgesics help in easing the pain and make it bearable.

2. Anesthesia (epidural) – This well known epidural anesthesia given to the lower spine. The liquid makes the contraction pain manageable fo the mother. The Epidural dose also keeps mothers alert at the time.

3. Pudendal Block- The pudental nerve and the vagina is injected with the medicine for blocking the pain. The prick is usually given at the end of labor pain when the baby's head comes out.

4. Spinal anesthesia - Spinal anesthesia uses numbing medicines to numbs the entire body below an injection point in your spine to give immediate relief. Spinal anesthesia is most frequently used during emergency C-sections.

However, the labor pain relief ways will be assisted by doctors on the basis of the factors that support the wellbeing of the mother and baby.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 10:41 [IST]
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