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Alternative Options For Insufficient Lactation

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Insufficient Lactation
Number of mothers across the globe complain of insufficient lactation leading to malnutrition in the newborns. It is hard to increase the breast milk supply but other alternatives for feeding is possible. Today, let's discuss on the breast feeding alternatives to make up with the nisufficient lactation problems. Take a look.

Alternative Options For Insufficient Lactation

1. Bottle Feeding – One of the easiest alternative feeding options is bottle feeding. During bottle feeding, one thing that mothers need to understand is switching the baby from breast to bottle feeding as the newborn may get confused and avoid the bottle but the mothers need to establish the connection by tickling the baby's lips and stimulating the supply.

2. Cup Feeding – Your baby can also be made to drink in a cup. All those who get nipple confused are got to the habit of cup feeding. The small cup can contain pasturized cow milk. Choose the cup to have a spout mouth. Refill the cup everytime it is emptied.

3. Spoon And Finger Feeding – If your newborn finds it difficult to drink from a cup then it can even be fed patiently with a spoon or a finger. Drinking milk from a cup may choke the baby so drinking in a spoon is more safer.

4. Nursing Supplementers – Adoptive breasfeeding is another way the lactating mother can compensate insufficient lactation. This helps in building a better relationship between mother and baby. Undergoing estrogen and progesterone therapy, using lactation aids, haberman feeders help in this process.

5. Breast Milk Recipes – Introducing solid foods and milky chews will gradually help baby to switch over from the breast feeding to other supplements.

Also lactating mothers can undergo a few therapies and follow strict diet to increase the breast milk supply.

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Story first published: Monday, September 19, 2011, 15:30 [IST]
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