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Common Breast Problems After Breastfeeding

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Breast Problems
It is said that the mother and baby share a special bond during the breastfeeding phase. The baby recognises the warmth, voice and every heart beat of the mother which makes the baby realise the mother's absence easily. Although the mother and baby share a special bond, it is difficult for the mother to deal with problems after breastfeed. Today, we shall discuss on the common breast problems and care.

Breast milk is the healthiest and the only nutrition supplement for the newborn. Due to regular breastfeeding there are chances of the breasts to lose shape and get uneven. During the postnatal phase, the organ is undergoing too many hormonal changes (variation in estrogen and progesterone levels).

To regain the original shape, it is important to breastfeed but at times due to the shift in the connective tissue of the breasts, they may not come back to shape.

Obesity, genes and aging may be common signs of the sagging breasts. Sometime weight gain during pregnancy may become the prime reason for the organ to look bulgy and shapeless. Smoking and the number of pregnancies also matter for the excess fat.

Another common breast problem is the 'breast engorgement' which is usually caused by the congested blood vessels. Lumps in breasts (even cancerous) can also lead to misshape of breasts. Here are some ways to get rid of the breast problems (after breastfeeding care).

Postnatal Care

1. Self Examination – Examining breasts by touching and feeling or looking through the mirror. Any lump, nipple discharge, rashes or inverted nipples should become a matter of concern and to be checked by a doctor.
2. BMI Check – The body mass index need to be constantly checked and verified to know if the weight gain is the reason for the breast problems.
3. Undergoing Mammogram – Mammogram can clear your doubts on whether the saggy nature is because of the cancerous growth such a lumps or tumors.
4. Strict Diet And Exercise – Dieting and exercising can help mother lose their weight and get back to shape. Simple exercises like push ups and a planned diet can be a solution to the postnatal breast problems.
5. Gel and Creams That Cut Down Fat – Under the doctor's guidance, breastfeeding mothers can use gels that can dissolve fat and help to get the organ back to pre pregnancy shape. Using a good quality brassier is an easy breast care option.

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Story first published: Monday, October 31, 2011, 11:19 [IST]
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