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Breast Care
Breastfeeding is important during postnatal as the breasts need to get back to shape. Even though the newborns are given alternative nutrition, breastfeeding is still continued as it is healthy for both, the baby and mother. Most women stop breastfeeding as they get concerned about their breasts but with a few breast care options the process is easy and comfortable. Have a look.

Breast Care After Breastfeed -

1. The lactating mothers should never wear too tight or loose bras as it would be extremely difficult to feed the baby and cause skin irritation (due to sweat) and rashes. Cotton bras with soft elastic, front open is ideal.

2. To avoid infection, use baby wipes to sanitise after feed. Massaging breasts with a coconut oil, baby lotion or baby oil after breastfeed will avoid sagging. The saliva of the baby and drops of milk can also be breast care options (for massaging) as they are natural and germ free.

3. Applying ghee on nipples will avoid all kinds of irritation. This also is a remedy for cracked nipples.

4. Sometimes the baby may pull the hair on the breasts so the best thing would be is remove it using a hair removing cream or scissors.

5. Breastfeeding is continued even after six months so there are chances of the baby having teeth and biting the sensitive area. The best thing to do to avoid is use nursing supplements or guide the baby to the feeding part by applying honey.

6. One of the unknown breast care tip after breastfeed is using face masks. Fruit masks that can peeled off after drying and can be applied all over the breast (except nipples) to keep them in shape. Preferring soft elastic clothes such as cotton tee-shirts, lycra will keep the body shape intact.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 15:15 [IST]
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