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8 Tips For Parents To Save Their Children From Becoming Tech Addicts

With the advancement in technology, the means of communication have become revolutionised. One can connect to people sitting at different corners of the world in just a few seconds. But despite making our lives comfortable, there are challenges too that we have to face with the coming of technology. The influence of technology is so much on children that they are almost addicted to it. Even those who just turned a year old are seen peeping into the smartphones, while their parents are using it.

No doubt, technology can surely benefit kids in a number of ways and can help parents in keeping the kids while they (read parents) are busy in some other work, technology can also cause harm to children. In such a situation if as a parent, you try to stop these kids, chances are that you will get to hear their cries. As a parent, it becomes your responsibility to teach your kids the correct way to use technology, especially smartphones.

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For this, you don't have to browse the ways to educate your kids as we have listed down some tips that can come handy for you.


1. Set Some Rules And Guidelines

In order to make your kids cultivate a better habit of using the internet or other technologies, you can set some guidelines and rules for them. For example, you can fix a time slot within which they will be interacting with the technology.

As a parent, you need to understand that when technology and media are not used in a proper way, things can take a wrong turn and harm your kids in an unexpected way.


2. Know The Activities Of Your Children On The Internet

If you think handing over the smartphones or video games can keep your kids engaged and give you some time to focus on other work, then this may backfire you. For that reason, your children may go through inappropriate websites or may damage the gadgets they are using, in your absence.

Therefore, you need to first ensure the activities of your children on the internet. Only then, you will be able to guide for better and appropriate usage of the internet.


3. Keep A Check On The Tech Usage Of Your Children

Apart from knowing what your children are doing over the internet, you need to make sure if your children are too much involved in interacting with the technology. For example: if your children are always busy watching television, playing games on a laptop or computer, listening to songs only through I-pod or headphones or staying obsessed with their smartwatch.

Once you have a close look at how your children are utilising technology, you can ensure that they use it when needed and avoid using it unnecessarily.


4. Participate During The Screen Time

While you see your children watching something on their laptop, smartphone or television screen, try to participate in it. Initially, your children might show their disagreement over this but you can explain to them how good it is to watch together. Co-watching and co-playing can help you in building a bond and in learning new things.

For example, if you are playing a video game with your children, then you will be able to have sportsmanship. Meanwhile, you can also share your life experiences with them.


5. Engage Them In Face-To-Face Communication

It is not that when you are participating in tech time, you can't have a conversation with your children. Obviously, you can do this. Suppose if you are watching a show then you can ask some questions related to the show and cast. Also, you can talk about the shows of your time.

In addition to this, when you see that your children are interacting with technology for their time pass and entertainment, you can bring up some new topics to discuss with them and thus, prevent them from getting addicted to technology.


6. Watch Your Own Tech Addiction

If you are too much addicted to using smartphones and quite dependent on various technologies, then your kids will learn the same. For that reason, children imitate what they see their parents doing. Therefore, you will have to be an example or say, a role model for your children to make them understand the way and limit of using technology.


7. Let Your Kids Know The Pros And Cons Of Technology

It is important for your children to have complete information about new gadgets or technology that they are using or are about to use. Therefore, you can tell your children about the advantages and disadvantages of using technology. Without telling about the same, you won't able to make your children follow the rules and guidelines set by you for monitoring their technology interaction. You can talk about how excessive use of technology can affect their eyesight and studies. But make sure whatever you say is backed with concrete examples and facts. This way your children will take your words seriously.


8. Encourage Them To Socialise With People

Apart from all these, your focus should be on encouraging your children to socialise with people and engage themselves in outdoor games. For this, you can give an example of various sportsperson and athletes. You can talk about how these people have achieved success through sports and outdoor activities. Also, by encouraging them to indulge in social activity, you will be giving them the chance to know people in real life.

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There is no denying that technology has become one of the most integral parts of our lives and we are somewhere being dependent on it. But with limitless and unnecessary usage of technology, people are likely to harm themselves because over a period of time it detaches you from your close ones. Though it can benefit your children in many ways, you need to make sure it doesn't kill the space of family and friends.

Story first published: Saturday, November 23, 2019, 10:15 [IST]