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7 Best Outdoor Games For Kids

Engaging kids in some interesting activity is the most challenging task for all parents. Becoming a couch potato by playing video games, watching TV or surfing the net is not good for the mental and physical development of children. Getting some physical exercise outdoors will make them more active and energetic.

Moreover, playing with children of different ages and character will make your kid more social and outgoing. Before blaming advancement in technologies that make your kid stay indoors, think of something interesting that will drag your kid outdoors.

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Here, in this article, you can find some of the best outdoor games for kids. Today's kids are not aware of the variety of games they can play outdoors.

Just go through this list of the best outdoor games for kids and make the childhood of your kids be more interesting and memorable.

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In The Pond-Out The Pond
Draw a circle. Children can stand on this. One of the kids should call out either "In the pond" or "Out the pond". When the kid says, "In the pond", all the others should jump inside the circle and vice versa. The one who doesn't follow the prompt will be out of the game.

Red Light Green Light
It is one of the best outdoor games for kids. One person will stand in the middle and shout "red light" or "green light". When the person says "red light", the participants should stop and when he/she shouts "green", they have to move. The person who misses it will be out of the game.

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Hide And Seek

Nothing can beat the popularity of the hide and seek game. One kid can be chosen to do the counting and the rest of them will have to obviously hide. After the counting finishes, all that the kid has to do is seek the rest of them.


Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the outdoor games that can be included for a kid's party. Ask the kids to form groups within themselves.

Then, hide a few toys and let the groups know of the things that they'll have to find. The group which finds all the items first will be the winner.


Monkey In The Middle

Looking for a fun game? Monkey in the middle is the one you should go for. All you need are three players and a ball.

The person who is chosen as the monkey must stand in the middle and the other two players over both the sides. The players must throw the ball without allowing the monkey to catch the ball. If the monkey catches the ball, the person who threw has to be the monkey.


The Blanket Race

Another one of the best outdoor games for kids is the blanket race. In this game, there must be at least 4 or 6 members. The members must hold the blanket firmly, in which one member of the team will be sitting or lying down. The winners will be the team that reaches first.


Relay Race

If you have more children to play, go for a relay race. Divide them into batches. Ask the kids of each batch to stay in equal distances.

The first one should start running with a rod or toy and then hand this over to the second one and so on. The batch that finishes first wins.

So, snatch those mobiles and turn off the TVs and ask your kids to play some of these outdoor games.

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