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Should Kids Watch The News?

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News comes in various forms. And yes, kids need social awareness and therefore, they need to know what's happening around them in this world. But wait, not all news is necessary at that tender age.

Your kids don't need to be shown all the violence, gruesome murders and the graphic details at such a tender age. Maybe parents need to control the type of content that kids watch on TV in the name of news.

Should Kids Watch The News2

Until a kid reaches an age where he can think on his own, parents might need to ensure that kids are just given information about this society but in a subtle way.

Should Kids Watch The News3

Watching all kinds of cruelty and madness may cause depression and pessimism in kids. Also, that might alter their world view and make them cruel too.

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Therefore, parents might need to take a call on this and ensure that kids are fed with only content that gives them knowledge and wisdom; not pessimism.

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Many researches conducted on criminals and their psychologies confirmed that a criminal mind takes shape during childhood. This is why parents may need to take extra care when raising their kids.

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Information is necessary. Social awareness is a must. But the way we allow them to happen in kids matters a lot. So, think again when you are watching a news channel along with your kid.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 5:03 [IST]
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