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Daily Routine Of Your Kid


Cultivating the habit of following a daily routine helps your kid even after he grows up into an adult. There should be some level of basic discipline in the routine. At the same time, ensure that your kid enjoys some level of freedom.

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Being too strict or harsh will make the kid hate childhood. So, maintain the right balance. The main objective of cultivating a routine is to allow the kid perform all his tasks on time and grow well.

So, here is a simple routine followed by kids between the age of 5 and 11. Read on...


Waking Up

Early rising is a good habit. Wake your kid by 6 AM. At the same time, ensure that your kid isn't sleep deprived.



Soon after waking up, ensure that your kid brushes teeth. Teach your kid about oral hygiene.

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Allow your kid to play for sometime as it acts as exercise.



Once your kid feels sweaty after playing, take him to bath. Teach your kid how to keep the body clean.



After bath, offer a protein-rich breakfast. Boiled egg, salad greens and a slice of bread will do.

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Send your kid to school and remind him to eat lunch on time.



Encourage your kid to eat lunch by 1 PM. Nutritious food will help your kid in the process of learning at school.



After school, allow your kid to play for a while in a nearest playground with other children of his age.

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Bed Time

Ensure that your kid sleep before 9 PM. Offer dinner before that and cultivate the habit of reading a book before sleeping.

Story first published: Thursday, January 19, 2017, 14:36 [IST]
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