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Tips For Your Baby's Brain Development

Many changes take place in the baby both on a physical level and also on an intellectual level during the formative years. Every moment, your baby will keep learning something.

The brain of the baby tries to understand the world bit by bit. As a parent, when you can offer enough attention and love in the process, it helps a great deal in brain development of the baby.

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In fact, when emotional needs are taken care of, a bay tends to develop a positive outlook towards life. Here are some more tips for your baby's brain development...


Tip #1

If your hear your baby crying, attend to his needs immediately. When you reassure and make him feel secure, it helps in creating a positive circuit in the brain. Cuddling, soothing, nurturing and other actions of love act as emotional signals that offer security to your baby's brain.


Tip #2

Let your baby crawl. Ensure that you take safety precautions. When babies explore the world around them by crawling, their brains create maps and figure out space, objects and their placements. This helps a lot in brain development.

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Tip #3

Occasionally, offer a massage to your baby. It can reduce stress and offer emotional security. It also enhances growth. Loving touch can heal.

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Tip #4

When you give timely attention and make your baby feel good, the baby's brain develops fast and tries to decode the world around him in a positive way.


Tip #5

Play lots of games. Babies learn a lot when playing games. Also, it helps like a workout and contributes to brain development.


Tip #6

Perform minor tasks together. This will make his brain understand that his tasks are important to you. He will feel involved and engaged in the task.

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Tip #7

Once your baby starts understanding words, offer compliments like 'good boy'. This will make the brain record a positive self-image. Also, try to teach new words on a daily basis to keep the brain working.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 15:06 [IST]
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