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Diabetes In Children: Causes & Symptoms

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Though it is tough to believe, many children suffer from diabetes during childhood itself. Though most of us assume that only middle aged people suffer from such health conditions, it is a fact that even children can suffer diabetes.

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Nowadays, the number of children suffering from diabetes is increasing may be due to the changing lifestyles and other environmental and genetic factors.

Now, let us discuss a few facts about the types of diabetes and their symptoms in children.


Type I Diabetes

Some children suffer from type 1 diabetes. This condition occurs due to the damage caused in certain types of cells in the pancreas. The kid's body fails to produce insulin. This makes it tough for the body to convert the consumed carbs into energy. Also, sugar levels in the body spike up as insulin also has a role in the appropriate storage of sugar.

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Type 2 Diabetes

In kids who suffer from type 2 diabetes, blood sugar levels tend to be high as the body tends to become resistant to insulin. This condition could also cause kidney issues, heart issues and even blindness if it is not handled on time.



This is a condition in which a kid suffers high blood sugar levels but not as high as a diabetic. In fact when the condition is controlled, diabetes can be delayed.

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Diabetes in children can be caused due to many factors. Some of them include hereditary reasons, damage in pancreatic cells due to viral infections, lifestyle conditions, obesity and environmental factors.


Cow's Milk?

Some studies also show that children who are genetically predisposed to diabetes may develop it very early in life if they consume cow's milk at a very early age.



Some of the symptoms of childhood diabetes are abdominal pain, frequent urination, fatigue, mood swings, blurred vision, numbness in some areas of the body, prolonged healing time in case of minor injuries, unexplained weight loss and a dip in blood pressure.

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