Ways To Guide Your Kids In Their Adolescence

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Your children are like flowers. They are the buds in their childhood, and as soon as they reach to their teenage, they start to bloom. For parents, the teenage years of their kids is really a matter of stress.

They think their children are going out of control. At this same point, your offspring thinks you’re becoming over-controlling and you’re stepping into his/her freedom. So, how should you guide your kids in their adolescence?

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Before discussing that, here are some things for the parents to ponder on. Each of you has faced the same phase of life; but when it comes to your children, you forget your life story and do the same mistakes like controlling them.

If your parenting approach is right towards your kid, he/she will respond accordingly. You know that your teen son or daughter is going through hormonal changes that can affect him/her both physically and mentally.

Ways to Guide Your Kids at Their Adolescent

So, you need proper ways to guide your kids in their adolescence.

How to guide your kids in their adolescence? The first thing you need to do as parent is to give them importance.

They’re growing up and it is obvious that they have their own outlook that may differ from yours. Listen to them carefully and then list out the logic to them.

Meanwhile, here are some more ways to guide your kids in their adolescence. Have a look.

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1. Monitor Your Child: Keep a strict watch on their change of behaviour. This is the age when they can be trapped by sexual activities or illegal drug consumption. Talk in a friendly manner to know their whereabouts. Make them realise about the disastrous effects of such things.

Ways to Guide Your Kids at Their Adolescent

2. Communicate More:
Often, parents don’t get time to talk to their kids. And when they don’t find their dear ones beside them to share their thoughts and feelings, kids look for friends in enemies. Be their friend, talk to them well and let them share their thoughts.

3. Let Them Decide: It is definitely one of the best ways to guide your kids in their adolescence. Teenage is the right time to decide their career. Don’t push them according to your wish. Let them breathe and decide what they really want to do in their life.

4. Educate Yourself: You can take help of the internet or read some books on teenagers. You have your experience of being a teen yourself and you know already how difficult it is to cope up with the sudden changes happening in their mind and body. Help your children to go through the phase.

Ways to Guide Your Kids at Their Adolescent

5. Keep Patience: Your child will have mood swings, they may become self-conscious or their behaviour may change towards you. Keep patience and be empathetic towards them. Instead of forcing them, make them realise that they are wrong (if they’re so). This is how to guide your kids in their adolescence.

6. Save Your Objections:
While looking for the effective ways to guide your kids in their adolescence, follow this tip. If your child wants to cut his/her hair weird or paint the nails strangely, let him/her do so. Save your objections for bigger issues like drugs, tobacco, etc.

7. Inform Them:
Teenage is the time when children get curious about those things you may forbid them to do. Instead of holding them back, inform them about the negative aspects of sexual activities, drugs and alcohol. This is definitely one of the best ways to guide your kids in their adolescence.

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Story first published: Monday, May 23, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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