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    Things Not To Do When Dealing With Teenage Kids


    Parenting, specially when it comes to teens, can be joyous as much as it can be demanding and excruciating. When it comes to parenting teenagers, parents must understand that many strategies can be ineffective. In this article, we go on to discuss things that are ineffective whilst dealing with teenage kids. As parents, you must strictly note that certain things will just not work with teenagers and an approach outside the fundamental approach has to be incorporated.

    It isn't always the case that teenage kids are a pain. It all boils down to how you deal with them. Let us go ahead and look at some ineffective things parents do while dealing with teen kids. IF you are doing any one of these things, its about time you stopped. Read on...

    Dealing With Teenage Kids: Don'ts

    You Must Do As I Say
    Well, your kid has entered his teens and adolescents definitely do not admire something like this coming, be it from their parents or anybody else. Avoid saying things like, you dare not disobey me, do as I say, etc. It will only make things worse.

    Look At Other Children
    Parents often make needless comparisons and forget the fact that their children are there to be cherished. When it comes to dealing with teens in particular, make sure you do not do something like this. Comparing your kids to other kids will form a bad impression about you as a parent in the eyes of your children.

    Putting Undue Pressure On Them
    Parents must never put pressure on their kids, especially when they are teenaged. This prompts them to do all sorts of non-sense including lying and cheating. Be calm and deal with them in a friendly manner. Do not unnecessarily pressurize them into achieving something.

    Unnecessarily Suspecting Them
    Avoid showing it even if you do. You can spy on them but do not indulge in it too much. Teenage kids are quick to form assumptions and conclusions. So as a parent, do not show them directly that you find their behavious suspicious.

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