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Do Videogames Hamper Kid's Academics?

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A new study claims that kids who are into too much of videogames or gadgets tend to fail in their academics. At the same time, kids who aren't tech savvy may also find it tough to perform well in academics.

Do Videogames Hamper Kids Academics1

Researchers noted a direct link between the time spent with gadgets and academic failure. Researchers measured the total time spent by kids on gaming and observed their academic performance for some time.

Do Videogames Hamper Kids Academics2

The results seemed to prove that kids who excessively spend their time on computers and the kids who seldom used a computer tend to poorly perform in studies.

Do Videogames Hamper Kids Academics3

More than 5000 students were studied. Generally, the kids who were obsessed with video games were the ones who had less parental control.

Do Videogames Hamper Kids Academics4

Such kids get addicted to playing games as they seem to be more interesting than their studies. And when it comes to the kids who never used computers, they are generally kids belonging to the households that never owned a computer.

Do Videogames Hamper Kids Academics5

So, this study proves that it is important to control the time spent by kids on computers and also to provide a gadget like a computer to kids who wish to know more than what their academics teach.

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