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9 Signs Your Child Is Being Abused

By: Sneha A

It is difficult for us to even think of someone deliberately hurting a kid and yet every year cases of child abuse have been on the rise.

The worst part is, these are only such cases that are actually reported and, sadly, a lot more in number go absolutely unnoticed.

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Well, child abuse basically involves any such action by other adults or even children that might cause hurt and damage to a child, physically, sexually or emotionally.

Even neglect is a form of a child abuse. The question which now arises is how to know if your child is being abused?

In a number of cases, it has been seen that the abuser is often someone that the child knows well. It can be a relative, a baby sitter or a neighbour.

However, the kid is too scared to tell the family members about it, and thus he/she continues to bear the atrocity. Hence, it becomes extremely important to assess the symptoms of a child abuse.

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Now, to understand how to know if your child is being abused, you need to keep an eye on changes in your child’s behaviour.

The catch here is that the difference can occur due to various other reasons too, and you will have to go with your gut instinct to ensure the safety of your baby.

The following things should be kept in mind to identify the signs of a mistreatment.


1. Adamant Nature To Meet The Person:

If a child for absolutely no reason is adamant to avoid a particular person, then I guess that is your first cue.


2. Crying For No Reason:

If you find your child crying or putting up a fight every time you decide to take them to a friend's place, daycare, school or any other such place, then alert yourself. There can be other reasons too for the kid being so fussy, so here you will have to assess the situation more deeply.


3. Bruises Or Marks On Body:

If you repeatedly find your kid coming back home with some unexplained marks and bruises, then it is definitely a warning sign and the situation must be dealt with instantly.


4. Sudden Changes In Behaviour:

Sudden changes in behaviour like aggressiveness, irritability, indifference to affection or being excessively withdrawn can be caused by suffering from some kind of an abuse.


5. Certain Strange Symptoms:

Being fearful or troubled during sleep, losing appetite, suddenly becoming too protective of other children around them or behaving too infantile are also symptoms which show that the child is suffering from some sort of an abusive behaviour.


6. Wants To Be Alone:

If you find the child suddenly exhibiting a very secretive behaviour or a desire of being alone too much, then you surely need to keep a protective watch on them.


7. Can Have Physical Pain:

Sexual abuse may cause the child to bleed, itch or bruised in and around the genitals. There can be an experience of pain while sitting or walking and may have difficulty in performing regular physical activities.


8. Familiarity Of Sexual Information:

Also, in cases of a sexual abuse, the child may display familiarity of sexual information and even curiosity towards the subject, way beyond their age.


9. Always Are Alert For No Reason:

Another sign which is observed in children who have suffered child abuse is that they are seen to be always on alert. They are extremely watchful of people and the happenings around them to such an extent that it may seem like they look terrified and anxious about something bad that is to happen.

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Story first published: Monday, May 2, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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