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Why Kids Need A Happy Home

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Kids who are brought amidst stress, anxiety and domestic violence tend to develop certain disorders both physical and mental.

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In fact, some kids may turn to substance abuse when they grow older in order to forget their bad childhood days if parents never take enough care to provide a good childhood to kids.

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Also, some children tend to hate their parents when they see them fighting often during childhood. Also, a home filled with stress and fear gives less room for growth and happiness.

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Also, some children fail to perform well in their academics when their parents keep quarrelling at home. Stability in the relation of a man and his wife is the first important aspect to ensure before parenting a child.

Why Kids Need A Happy Home4

And then ensuring that the atmosphere is always filled with joy and love is another aspect parents must remember.
As every little factor during childhood influences the growth and psychology of a child, parents must ensure better parenting to avoid health issues in the children.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 24, 2016, 12:11 [IST]
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