Parents Could Be The Worst Child Abusers

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Parents Child Abuse
Any kind of physical, social or mental ill treatment of a child is known as child abuse. Parental-child abuse can cause irreparable damage to the psychological growth of the child. Parents and their children share an unselfish and incredible bond of love between them. Do you think that scolding and beating your child can be of any help? Well definitely not. All these are forms of parental child abuse. If some one else abuses your child outside the home then you feel that you can take any necessary step to prevent it, right? But did you ever think what you do at home is also a form of parental child abuse?

Nagging children with or without reason is a habit with some parents. It affects them adversely. Lets see how nagging parents become the worst child abusers. Here are some of the child abuse facts.

Mental Abuse:

  • Many parents think that if they keep on creating pressure on their children, the kids will do whatever they please. Most of the children are pressurized by their parents to study hard all the time. This kind of parental child abuse creates a negative impact on the mind of the child and they can even develop psychological problems.
  • The worst is that such child abusers compare their children to their siblings and cousins. Many cases have been reported in such cases of parental child abuse where children even commit suicide due to the mounting pressure on them.

Physical Abuse:

  • The fact that they create all kinds of pressure on them for their own betterment can't be denied. Parents themselves become child abusers and even beat up their own child on various pretexts.
  • Its no more time to believe that "Spare the rod and spoil the child". Rather its just the opposite. Beating up might have adverse effects on the child. It is one of the child abuse facts that children can take to drugs in cases like this. Children even develop learning disorders if they are physically battered.

Social Abuse:

  • This is the worst of all types of child abuse. There is nothing worse than abusing your child in public. Most often parents say that "Look at him, he is so good in studies, in music and sports and you?" Such things have adverse effects on your child.
  • All people are born different. So there is no use in comparing your child to someone else. Be a parent and not a child abuser. Your child might turn completely introvert for such reasons.

All issues can be solved with peace. If you yourself embitter the relationship between parents and children then you must be ready for whatever is in store for the future. If you continue this parental child abuse, your own child might one day say "I hate you". And just like any other parent you might not be ready for it

Story first published: Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 12:18 [IST]
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