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Do Networking Sites Spoil A Child?

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Do social networking sites spoil a child? Now, that is a million dollar question. The day is not far away when a child will utter his/her first word 'facebook’, instead of 'mumma’ or 'papa’.

Jokes apart, but don’t you really think that nowadays a kids’ life revolves around the social networking sites. Today, parents are busy in their own career and don’t give much time to their children.

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There are a lack of fields and friends to play with. So, they take computer and internet as entertainment objects. And accessing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is so easy that they find no difficulty in exploring the virtual world.

Do social networking sites spoil a child? See, everything has negative and positive aspects to it. It depends on the user and how he utilises it.

Does Facebook Spoil A Child

Now, as the concern is all about children, they may not always differentiate between the right and wrong. Even teenagers are prone to doing wrong, as it interests them a lot.

As a parent, it is your duty to make your kid understand the negative aspects of social networking sites.

It is only making your child alone. Besides, sitting for long and using only their fingers can make them feel more lazy and obese.

To get rid of the negative effects of social networking sites, you should know about those. So, if you ask “Do social networking sites spoil a child?”, the answer to that would be a definite YES!!

Read on to know more on these pointers.

Does Facebook Spoil A Child

1. Makes Them Isolated: Normal socialising is very important for the kids to face the world. But, shy kids prefer to communicate through social networking sites only. This practice only makes them more isolated from their friends and family members.

Does Facebook Spoil A Child

2. Obesity: How do social networking sites spoil a child? While your kid sits in front of the computer for long, it is obvious that he/she will put on weight. Besides, if they eat while browsing the net, their concentration is completely on the computer, and they don’t know how much to eat. That only leads to overeating.

3. Poor Eye Condition: Yes, as it creates a negative impact on their eyes at an early age, parents must keep a thorough check on what the child is doing. Children get glued to computer screen, which is bad for their eyes. They must involve into outdoor activities and spend time with real friends more than the virtual ones.

Does Facebook Spoil A Child

4. Communication With Strangers Is Dangerous: Kids and teens are the easy targets of criminals. They are vulnerable to the outside influences. It is almost impossible for them to detect the real intention of such people and hence fall into an easy trap. As parents, you should be careful about their online activities.

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5. Abnormal Behaviour: Yes, too much addiction to various sites can cause an aggressive behaviour, anxiety, anger and even frustration. To kids and teens, being popular on Facebook is a big deal. If they don’t get that popularity, it creates an inferiority complex among them.

Does Facebook Spoil A Child

6. Less Emotional Connection: You can connect with people emotionally when you meet them and go for a face-to-face communication. In the virtual world, the emoticons are enough to show your emotions, which is not the right way to share your feelings.

7. Distraction:
“How many 'Likes’ have I got?” “What are the comments on my post?”- If children only think about these, it is obvious that they won’t concentrate on their studies and will end up in getting poor grades as a result of always being on the networking sites.

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