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How Technology Spoils Kids?

By Pooja Kaushal

We may be beaming parents and grandparents of children who can easily understand how to use a computer and tablet, while we make efforts to master them. But do we really have something to be proud of here? Is it necessary for a child to use these gadgets from a young age?

It is not that giving access to technology is bad for the children. It is good to gain knowledge and walk with the times but this also has a different side to it. A bitter truth that cannot be denied is that children are not living a normal childhood. Ways technology spoils kids are numerous and to prove it we do not need to go very far. A simple glance around us will reveal the picture. Technology and kids are becoming inseparable and this is leading to various complications in the lives of children.


It is time we took control of the lives of our future generations before technology takes control of them. Consider the following issues that are becoming a part of every child’s life in present times. We may have noticed them but failed to understand the seriousness of it.

Unsocial: Does your child refuse to go out with you for family gatherings? Does he prefer playing on his tablet or computer rather than mingling with friends and family? If this is so, your child is moving away from society and coiling up in his own cocoon. Having such an unsocial behaviour is going to prove bad for his future when he has to go out into the world and interact with people. In order to survive in this world, it is necessary to meet people and this can be done only when children are used to it since childhood. The importance of relationships is also getting lost and ties are becoming weak.

Inactive: What does your child prefer – a game of ‘Clash of Clans’ or a match out in the basketball court? Does he spend his evenings watching TV or go out to play with his friends? Inactivity is becoming a part of children’s lives. Due to the ways technology spoils kids, children are becoming couch potatoes. It can lead to various physical ailments. Obesity, diabetes, cardiac issues are some problems that can plague children.

Irritable: Always being lost in games, having complete control over the TV and various other facts like these are making children selfish and inconsiderate. And a slight change in situation leads to major tantrums. Technology is aiding us in raising a generation of irritable children who lose their temper at the drop of a hat.

Virtual world: Within the four sides of the screen lies a world very different from the real one we live in. Unfortunately, the link between technology and kids has made children identify more with this virtual world. This is a false life they live and when it is time to come back to reality, it poses a problem.

Vision problems: We have only one pair of eyes and to keep them functioning well, we need to take care of them. Constantly staring at something at a hand’s distance, sometimes less than that, puts immense pressure on the eyes. This is one reason why we see so many children wearing glasses nowadays.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 19, 2014, 18:02 [IST]
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