Why Computer Games Are Bad For Your Child?

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Is your kid becoming unsocial? Have you noticed sudden behavioural changes in him/her? Or is he/she behaving violent and impatient at trivial matters? If you have positive answers to all these questions, it is time to dig deep to know the real reasons.

One of the main reasons of such changes in today’s children and teens is their addiction to a lot of internet and mainly the computer games. Through several ways a computer can spoil your child's behaviour.

Why are computer games bad for your child? Actually, addiction towards anything has ruining effects. Now, if a child spends a whole day sitting on a couch and staring at the computer screen, his/her physical and mental health will be affected severely.

Besides, staying connected to the virtual world can make children unable to face the real challenges of life. These are a few ways computer spoils children.

If you go through this write-up, you will get to know how computer games can ruin the life of kids in several ways. But, it is not easy to eliminate those games completely from your child’s life, as they are immensely popular.

Therefore, you can control your kid by putting some limitations. Set a time for games and install it at a central computer; not in his/her bedroom laptop.

Check out for his/her activities on the internet. Engage your kids into outdoor sports, so that they don’t become a couch potato. Now, go through the ways a computer can spoil your children.


1.Eyes Get Affected:

It is quite obvious that if your child spends maximum time staring at the monitor, his/her eyes will get affected. If he/she strains the eyes that much, he/she can suffer from computer vision syndrome (CVS), where he/she can go through vision problems and pain in the eyes.


2.Develop Ergonomic Problems:

Continuously sitting in front of a computer in a wrong posture can create ergonomic problems in children too. If your kid is complaining of having a stabbing pain in the wrists and fingers or a burning sensation in the nerves, immediately rectify his/her sitting posture in front of the computer.


3.Become Obese:

This is one of the ways a computer spoils your kid. They are already busy with their studies and if they spend their leisure time on video games, there will be no body movement in them. It is quiet natural that they will become obese and develop several diseases at an early age.


4.Changes In Behaviour:

There are several computer games that are designed with a lot of violence in them. Kill your opponent and you reach to the next level. This type of attitude makes them aggressive in real life too.

According to experts, kids get so accustomed with the games' characters that they become unable to differentiate the real world from the virtual one.


5.Become Unsocial:

For today's children, reaching to the next level of ‘Temple Run' seems more attractive than attending a family function. If they attend, at a parents' instruction, they stay busy in playing with a smart phone. This is how computer games ruin the life of kids.


6.Sleep Deprivation:

This is one of the most vital ways a computer spoils kids. Researches have shown that constant using of a computer can significantly affect their slow-wave sleep. The blue light from the computer screen can prevent a kid from falling asleep. So, make your kid stop playing computer games before going to bed.


7.Poor Academic Performance:

When a kid is too addicted to computer games, it becomes difficult for him/her to be attentive in class. Also, he/she starts sacrificing his/her study hours for these games. Eventually, this will affect his/her academic performance.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 10, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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