What You Shouldn't Discuss With Kids

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It isn't a wise idea to tell your kids everything for some obvious reasons. Are you wondering why? Well, it isn't a healthy thing to do as there could be certain consequences later on.

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Also, at a tender age, certain things may show negative impact on the minds of kids. This is why parents should be more mindful when they share certain things with children.

Coping with the loss of a pet can be traumatic even to adults. What about kids? How to tell a child about the death of a pet?

Well, be very careful and find the right time to break the news. If your kid is preparing for exams or is undergoing any crucial event in his life, don't tell him or her about the pet's death.

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If depressive feelings hit, your kid might not be able to get though exams or any other important events. So, when and how to explain a pet's death to a child?

When there is no other important event and when your kid is strong enough to take the news, explain why living beings have to die and gradually break the news.

What You Shouldn't Discuss With Your Kids

What You Shouldn't Discuss With Kids

When There Is Bad News
When your kids have an exam to attend the next day, it is better to allow them to focus on the exam instead of discussing any bad news with them. For example, if some elder in the extended family expires at that time, it is better to attend the rituals alone instead of breaking the news to the kid who is preparing for exams. What to tell child about death? Use your own discretion in such a case and then decide.


When A Crime Takes Place Nearby
Is it healthy to discuss rape or murder with very young children? Well, it is up to you but if your children are too young and vulnerable, you don't need to discuss such things as they might get scared or disturbed.

When A Crime Takes Place Nearby


If you can handle your debt and if you can educate your kids about finances at the right age it would be more than enough. You do not need to discuss your financial struggles when your children are too young as that might make them pessimistic. Again, it is up to you whether you wish to talk about such things with your kids. These are just a few ideas. If you have any such ideas, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Friday, October 16, 2015, 22:02 [IST]
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