Teaching Problem Solving Skills To Kids

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When your kids grow up, they need to be capable enough to solve their problems. This is why it is good to teach the basic steps of problem solving skills to your children.

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When your kids are wise enough to tackle their issues or face their issues, you can rest assured. Also, your children will learn a lot about listening skills, about staying calm and thinking rationally during the process of learning problem solving skills.

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When your kid learns about resolving conflicts, they can grow up into independent adults. If you wish to train your child's mind in the right way, make them sit with you when a problem arises and explain them how you would generally handle such an issue. Read on to know about various steps in this process.

Teaching Problem Solving Skills To Kids

How To Improve Problem Solving Skills

Identify The Issue
Your first step is to identify the issue. Suppose your kids broke the window panes of a neighbour's house while playing cricket, make them sit and explain the process. So, the problem here is damaging others property and facing the wrath of neighbours.

Identify The Issue

Why Is It A Problem?
As damaging someone else's property isn't acceptable, it is a problem that has to be tackled.

Brain Storm
Now that the problem is identified, one must brainstorm for solutions. Sit and discuss it with your kids and ask them for some ideas to solve the issue before the neighbour takes action.

Evaluate Solutions
When your kids come up with some ideas, you suggest some better ones. One solution could be saying sorry to your neigbhours and paying for the damages. Explain why this would be the right solution.

Take Action

Take Action
Knock your neighbors' door and solve the issue by saying sorry and paying for the damages. This way, you can practically explain problem solving skills to your kids.

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Story first published: Friday, October 9, 2015, 13:44 [IST]
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