How To Handle Sibling Rivalry In Kids

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If you have more than one kid at home then it is quite common to see them quarreling once in a while. Sometimes, they may go overboard and start fighting with each other. Well, how to handle sibling rivalry?

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If such hard feelings among your children aren't properly addressed during childhood, they may carry out their enmity even after growing up.

It is a fact that siblings may hate each other or feel jealous of each others progress if parents don't create a feeling of unity or oneness in kids when they are still young.

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This is the reason why it is important to carefully deal with such fights among your children. So, how to stop sibling fighting? Read on to know...

How To Deal With Fighting Siblings

Step #1
Before the fight reaches a point where the kids injure each other and start crying, stop them. For this, you might need to separate both of them if they are hitting each other. Make them sit in two opposite corners of the room to physically keep them away from each others' reach.

How To Deal With Fighting Siblings

Step #2
Don't lose your temper as that makes things worse. Though it is quite difficult to keep you cool, try your level best as you cannot deal with the problem with an unstable mood.

Step #3

Step #3
The best thing to do is to tell both of them to carry on with their activities. You can simply ask them to meet you after a few hours to talk about the issue. This will help things cool down a bit.

Step #4

Step #4
When you meet your kids to talk about it, tell them why it isn't acceptable to fight and tell them what the consequences would be. It is better to subtly indicate that you will punish them if they don't listen to you. But ensure that you are not harsh or tough on them. Be firm but not violent. This may help.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 9:18 [IST]
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