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Why Should You Keep An Eye On Your Children's Friendships?

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When your kid is growing, it is natural to feel anxious about a lot of things. Firstly- friends. You might be a bit worried about your children's friendships in school settings as you tend to have very little control over what kind of kids your kid might mingle with.

If he chooses good people, you might be happy and if he fails to do so, you might get worried. Also, if your kid never talks to anyone, that also might start worrying you. No parent would like to see a kid embracing loneliness over cheerful friendships.

A recent study says that nearly one out of every ten kids get bullied in the school. The person who bullies will have a higher chances of turning into an aggressive adult whereas the person who gets bullied may turn into a depressive adult. Therefore, it is isn't healthy to let kids behave like that.

That is why you must know your children's friends so that you can guide your kid to make better choices when it comes to friendships. Now, let us further discuss about this topic.

Kids With Friends

Why Should You Keep An Eye On Your Children's Friendships?

They May Slip Into Bad Company
Raising children involves lots of care and attention. Children tend to get influenced by what they see at a tender age. If they fall in bad company, they may learn bad habits and undesirable traits which may be very tough to get rid of even after growing up into an adult. That is why parents must keep an eye on the kind of friendships that kids maintain.

Violent Kid

Some Friendships May Be Exploiting
If your kid becomes a victim of exploitation in friendships, it might leave scars. Some kids are bullies and they may start exploiting other kids around. Parents must keep an eye to make sure that their kids aren't bullied anywhere by other kids around. If that ever happens, it is better to report to the school management or the parents of bullies.

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Lack Of Friendships May Cause Inferiority
A child struggling with friendships, may feel lonely and depressed. If your child fails to make friends, that may cause inferiority complex in him. So, in that case, teaching some social skills would be necessary. Once your kid starts making friends, he will be able to feel confident again.

Children With Friends

The Right Friendships Can Help In Development
When kids develop friendly relations and healthy relations with others around, they will be able to grow up in a healthy way. Remember that healthy friendships help in the overall growth of the kid whereas unhealthy friendships may affect the childhood of the kid. Therefore, it is important to watch your children's friendships closely.

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Story first published: Friday, December 4, 2015, 23:02 [IST]
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