Why Punishments Don't Work

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Do punishments really work? Well, parents generally get confused when they raise kids who seldom listen. Infact, some parents even believe that the only way to discipline their turbulent kid is through harsh punishments.

On the surface, children's punishments may seem to work, but the fact is they are counter productive. They may create undesirable effects and may even scar the tender minds of the kids. This is why punishment doesn't always work.

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It is important to find better ways of dealing with a child' behaviour. Punishments are brainless ways to deal with serious issues that require patience, love and compassion.

At the same time, it doesn't mean that you should pamper your kids even when they are totally indisciplined and wild. But, finding a midway is better. Neither pampering nor punishing may work in the long run. This is why parents must start being more sensitive in the way they treat their children.

Now, let us see why punishments don't work.

Why Punishments Don't Work

Why Punishments Don't Work

Punishments Create Bitter Feelings
If you slap your child or punish him/her in any other harsh way, do you think your child will be able to love you the same way he/she used to? Your child may start hating you, if you hurt him/her too much.

Punishments May Turn Your Child Rebellious

Punishments May Turn Your Child Rebellious
Some children may stay silent for a while; however, if the pain becomes unbearable they may start revolting for every small thing. This could be dangerous because rebellious kids may turn wild and may also cultivate an anti-social behaviour when they grow up.

Punishments May Create An Inferiority Complex

Punishments May Develop Fears/Phobias
Research suggests that some kids who are treated badly, when they are young, tend to develop certain phobias. If you create a sense of fear in your child, the psychological growth of your child may get impaired, which is a bad thing.

Punishments May Create An Inferiority Complex
Your kid may develop an inferiority complex if you keep punishing him/her for every small mistake that he/she commits. Hence, it is better to handle kids with care instead of being harsh on them all the time.

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