How To Deal With Insomnia In Kids?

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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You will be wrong if you think insomnia is a problem of old age. Children are not free from its trap. Actually, insomnia means disturbance of sleep patterns at night. Kids do often suffer from this problem. Older children can tell you about this but when it comes to kids of a tender age, parents have to be careful enough.

Otherwise, it becomes difficult to deal with insomnia in kids. Many children face problems when it comes to sleeping peacefully as they tend to experience nightmares. Often, they don’t sleep at all.

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What are the causes of insomnia among kids? Generally, stress or any disturbed physical condition can be the reason for that. Insomnia can happen due to the side effects of several medicines. Environmental factors like too much noise, uncomfortable bed, lighting system of the bedroom can also disturb their sleep.

Lack of sleep can hamper their growth and digestive system. They can also have problems of concentration and remembering anything. So, how to deal with insomnia in your kids?

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You know it very well that if your kids stay awake, you’ve to do the same. But that hampers your health too. Dealing with insomnia in kids is not easy as there is no particular treatment for it. But with some tips, you can get an idea on how to deal with insomnia in your kids. Try these before opting for medication-


1. Set A Bedtime Routine

It is very important to maintain a bedtime schedule. If you do so, your kid's body will adjust according to the routine and they will feel sleepy at on time. Don't let them break the schedule during holidays. Thus, they will develop healthy sleeping habits.


2. Maintain Sleep Hygiene Habits

Do your kids spend too much time in bed? From homework to eating, children love to do everything on bed. Stop this habit at once. A dirty bed never gives them sound sleep. So, this is how to deal with insomnia in your kids.


3. Trace The Stressors

Often children become stressed out a lot due to new place, study pressure or peer pressure. They may not tell you how they actually feel but as parents, you can understand it from their restless behaviour and sleepless eyes. Try to find the reason and soothe them.


4. Teach Relaxing Techniques

Dealing with insomnia in kids can be easier if you teach them techniques to relax. The methods of deep breathing or meditation before sleeping can work as effective medicines.


5. Remove Clocks

"It is midnight and still I'm awake"- such thoughts can make your child more anxious and he/she can't sleep any more. So, remove clocks from the bedroom. Also, don't let them keep mobiles near the bed.


6. Infuse Positive Thoughts

How to deal with insomnia in your kids? Always try to calm them down. Ask them to imagine a beautiful dawn or a calm sea. You can also tell bedtime stories which can make them relax. Support and encourage them when they need. Mental stability is very necessary to bring good sleep.


7. Keep Children Away From Horror Movies

Children often wake up at night due to nightmares. They can't even close their eyes because of the thoughts that something will kill them while sleeping. Never allow your children to watch horror movies or read such stories.


8. Consider Behavioural Therapy

How to deal with insomnia in your kids if the problem persists? Consult a specialist in behavioural therapy. Such methods work on the psychological condition of the child without any drugs.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 21:01 [IST]
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