Signs Of Binge Eating In Children

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Eating disorders in children can sometimes go unnoticed. But at the same time, kids who eat more than normal need not be considered as binge eaters.

Why Is Step Parenting So Hard?

All kids don't have the same appetites. Some do have bigger appetites. Especially, when your kid is growing, the appetite tends to grow too. But parents might perceive it in a different way. Of course, eating disorders in teens isn't uncommon.

Only when parents observe their kids closely, they will come to know about the binge eating in childhood.

Why Bonding With Your Child Is Important

Are there any symptoms. Of course yes. Your kid will start eating abnormal amounts of foods and most of it would be snacks. And you may even notice your kid stealing food from kitchen when you are asleep. Now, read on to know about the signs of binge eating in childhood.


Sign #1

Your kid starts eating too much in less time. This is one sign. Your kid seems desperate for food.


Sign #2

If your kid tries to eat something under emotional stress or bad mood then it is certainly binge eating disorder. Eating when hungry is okay but binging when feeling bad is a sign of binging.


Sign #3

If your kid feels guilty for overeating, then it is also a sign of binging. Eating to the point of feeling guilty is of course a disorder.


Sign #4

Go to your kid's room and check every nook and corner when he isn't around. If you find hidden chocolate wrappers or candy packets then your kid is secretly binging.


Sign #5

Eating unusual amounts at unusual timings can be suspected, if not concluded as binging.


Sign #6

Healthy kids look happy. If your kid displays qualities like anxiety, depression etc then consult a doctor before disorders like binge eating crop up.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 12, 2015, 2:09 [IST]
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