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8 Important Things Parents Should Do


Teaching right manners and etiquettes to your kids is a duty of all the parents. However, most parents forget that the kids learn things looking at their activities, behaviour, manners and habits.

For your kids you are a perfect person from whom they want to learn things. And their behaviour majorly depends on what they learn from your actions. You can't teach your kid to stop doing a particular thing unless and until you inculcate that habit in yourself.

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There are many important things that new parents should know before teaching manners to their child. Your kids will respect others if you do so, your kids will behave properly if you behave in a right way.

So what exactly parents should do in front of their children? When you become a parent, the first thing you need to do is to change your lifestyle if it is not correct. Your actions will work more than your words in teaching good manners to your kids.

Keep a watch on your actions especially with your partner so that your kids will learn only good things from you. The behaviour of your kid is a reflection of your behaviour.

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So we will share with you some of the important things that new parents should know. Have a look at some of the tips to teach manners to your child.


Be Affectionate To Your Partner

If you show love, care and affection towards your partner in front of your kid, he/she will also learn the same thing from you. However, you should avoid any sexual approach towards your partner infront of the kids as it will have a negative impact on your kid's mind.


Be Helpful To Your Partner

You must always help your partner especially in front of your children so that it creates an image in their mind that you share a healthy relationship and all responsibilities. This will also help them in in building a positive and kind mental set up. They will be compassionate and this helps when they grow up.


Appreciate Each Other's Efforts

If you appreciate and applaud each other's success and hard work in front of your child, they will also learn the same. By doing this your children will learn the importance of hard work and they will be keen to work hard to achieve their goals.


Respect Your Partner

This is very important as respecting your partner in front of your kids will teach them how to respect everyone else. If you will respect and show regards towards your partner your children will also respect you. This is one on the most important things new parents should know.


Stop Fights With Your Partner

If you fight with your partner in front of your children, this will have a destructive effect on their little minds. They will never show any regards and will be scared for the rest of their lives. They will grow up in adults who will fight with everyone as their mind has been trained to fight .


Apologise To Your Partner

Doing this your child will learn the value of apologising and will cultivate a good behaviour. If you say sorry to your partner when you are wrong in front of your kids, they will also be able to learn the art of accepting their mistakes. Your kids will also learn the value of telling truth and will not be scared of it.


Show Concern Towards Your Partner

If your partner is not well show extra care and concern towards him or her. Accompany your partner to the doctor, take a leave from work and be with your partner. This is one of the best tips to teach manners to your child.


Solve A Difficult Problem Happily

If you are going through any financial or health issue then solve them happily together. Remember your kids are watching you in your difficult times too. They will learn problem solving skills from you if you solve your problems with a brave heart. They will handle every problem in their future as you do in your difficult times.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 22:32 [IST]