Is Teen Curfew Time Needed At Home?

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Teen Curfew
Teen curfew is not really a militaristic term. However, teenagers complain that it is an attempt to bring military rule into their life. Parenting teenagers has enough and more challenges, setting a fixed time for them to be back home is one of the biggest ones. Teenage is the time your kids starts going out on their own, their social circle separates from yours that has its own set of implications. You asked any 15 year old to list the top teen problems they would name teen curfew time as one for sure.

Here are some suggestions for parenting teenagers with special focus on curfew timings at home.

How To Set A Curfew For Your Teen-Kid And Stick To It?

  • First of all you need to be convinced about the necessity and importance of setting a curfew time for your growing kids. Most parents would agree that it is essential to maintain some sort of discipline at home.
  • If you are of the opinion that they should be set free then you will repent later. Freedom is a scary thing because it comes with responsibility so make sure they are willing to take that responsibility before you give them freedom to avoid ten problems in their life.
  • Set a reasonable curfew for your teenaged kid. If you say be back by 7 when he or she is going out at 5 then you are setting an unreasonable target. Your aim is not to control the kid with an iron hand, it is to have him or her home at a suitable time.
  • You need to explain to your kid, why it is necessary to have this curfew time. Do not tell the child you don't trust him or her so they have to be back at night. Justify your decision by saying that you need family time with each other.
  • As parents you need to discuss and decide if you will allow any night outs at all. Every rule has exceptions so you can make exceptions for best friend's slumber party or a small trip with friends. But that will have to be compensated with more study time or helping at home. Your kids need to earn these extras.
  • If your kid breaks the curfew then there is no point shouting at him or her and letting them enter the house. Your punishment should have teeth. All kids rebel; you have to learn to manage them without crushing their spirit of rebellion.
  • If its a boy turn him out ; for a girl substitute it with no parties for the next whole month. Take away something she really likes.
  • Never differentiate between a son and daughter while setting curfew timings. Don't tell your daughter that she is girl so she has to come home on time. Justify your decision on equal ground

Use these parenting tips to set curfew for teen kids and make sure that they follow it.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2011, 12:44 [IST]
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