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Being a teenager is not that easy. We all go through this part of life and managing teenage problems can sometimes get out of hand for the parents. There are useful ways in dealing with a teenager, here are some solutions to your problematic teen. As parents be kind, patient and help your teenage child to become a responsible adult!
Quick at-home Skincare Tips For Teenagers
During teenage, the skin all of a sudden starts to react and boys and girls go absolutely crazy on not knowing what to do. They ask their parents but are very unsure to try the suggested remedies. They go to friends ...
Quick At Home Skincare Tips For Teenagers
Study Shows How Teenagers Are Growing Slowly Today
You might feel that the teenage daughter or your son is growing too quickly, but hold on, a new research shows that teenagers today are growing slowly than their predecessors. According to the study, today an 18-year old is behaving like ...
Overweight Teens At A Risk of Developing Colon Cancer
In a recent study, researchers from the Tel Aviv University in Israel have found that adolescents who are overweight are more likely to be at a risk of developing colon cancer as they become adults. According to the study published in ...
Overweight Teens At A Risk Of Developing Colon Cancer
Marijuana May Up Psychosis Risk In teenagers And Young Adults
Daily consumption of marijuana may increase an adolescent's risk of having recurrent psychotic-like experiences by 159 per cent, according to a new study.The psychotic-like experiences include the experiences of perceptual aberration -- for example feeling that something external is part of ...
Lonely Teenagers More Likely To Sleep Poorly
Is your teenaged daughter or son having trouble falling asleep or sleeping less? It may be because of the feeling of loneliness, researchers say.Loneliness is defined by researchers as a feeling of distress that people experience when they perceive their social ...
Lonely Teenagers More Likely To Sleep Poorly
Teenagers today as sedentary as 60-year-olds
Amid heightened concern that exercise deficits are contributing to the growing obesity epidemic, new research has found that activity levels of teenagers are comparable to 60-year-olds.The findings, published in the journal Preventive Medicine, also showed that starting at age 35, activity ...
Lies You Were Told About Woman's Body
While we grow up, there are many things that we are taught. Who better than parents can help us know the difference between good and bad, and then there are those lies!! Here, we are going to share the list of ...
Lies You Were Told About Woman S Body
Do You Know Why Teenagers Become Obese At Puberty?
When young teenagers reach puberty, both girls and boys tend to experience a rapid drop in the number of calories that they burn, finds a new study. The research, that also explains the dramatic rise in childhood obesity in puberty, found ...
Here Is This Easy Way To Sharpen Intelligence In Teenagers!
While spending hours on Facebook or other social media sites can lead to bad results in school, playing video games may not have such adverse effects. A new study has found that online video games can even sharpen math, science and ...
Here Is This Easy Way To Sharpen Intelligence In Teenagers
'Cool, Fun Factor' Draws Teenagers To E-cigarettes: Study
Far from helping teenagers quit smoking, e-cigarettes may in fact initiate more youth into nicotine use as adolescents find them "cool, fun and something new" to experiment with, suggests new research."While e-cigarettes are frequently used as devices for smoking cessation in ...
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