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Do Lubes Kill Sperm?

Do lubes kill sperm? Firstly, lubes are nothing but lubricants. They are products that are used to decease the vaginal dryness.

Using a lubricant can reduce the risk of micro tears during the intercourse. And today, there are so many over-the-counter products available.

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Many couples started using lubes as they make things simpler by making the penetration smoother. But are all lubes spermicidal? Are there lubes that don't kill sperm? Here are the facts you need to know.

Note: Lubes are not contraceptives. No lubricant can prevent an unwanted pregnancy though it can affect the chances of getting pregnant.


Do Lubes Kill Sperm?

The usage of certain lubricants could impact the sperm motility as well as the morphology. Wondering how it can impact the chances of getting pregnant? Well, as lubes can change how sperm moves or looks, then obviously the chances of getting pregnant can be impacted.

How Do Lubes Affect The Sperm Cells?

A small study claimed that certain over-the-counter lubes have clearly affect sperm function. Even sesame oil is said to impact fertility. Most of the lubes affect the way sperm cells swim and that is the major hurdle for pregnancy.

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Are All Lubes Spermicidal?

The ingredients of the lubes are to be blamed. Some of them do contain chemicals that alter the pH value of the vaginal environment. This could indirectly affect the sperm cells and their motility. Health experts claim that the lubes in the market today aren't sperm-friendly.

Are Couples Unaware Of This?

Well, statistics claim that nearly 40% of the newly married couples (who want kids immediately) are unaware of the fact that lubes could deprive the chances of getting pregnant. And most of the couples who are not planning for kids are still using lubes.

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What Are Safe Lubes?

Mustard oil, canola oil as well as baby oil are said to be safer compared to the lubes. But still they may raise the risks of yeast infection and inflammation.

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Bottom Line

Though lubes do help in reducing dryness and lubricating penetration, it is better to stay away from them when you are trying to get pregnant. Also, get the right lube prescribed by the doctor instead of going for over-the-counter products.

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