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Why You Shouldn't Eat Potatoes Before Getting Pregnant

Potatoes is one such vegetable that is loved by almost every woman on the face of this earth. Potatoes are extremely beneficial for the health, as they not only contain a whole lot of protein and nutrients, they also contain certain amount of properties that benefit the heart and blood pressure.

Women who usually love this delicious vegetable should refrain from consuming it, especially before trying to conceive. Shocked?

According to a recent study, it is stated that women who want to start a family or who want to get pregnant should not consume potato in any form. If you're wondering why this sudden change in the diet, you might want to take a look at the reasons for this study, which is as mentioned below.

Here, according to the recent reports, this vegetable, potato, contains elements, which when consumed can likely cause a pregnant lady to develop gestational diabetes.

The research also throws light on the estimation of the consumption of potatoes, which is said that two servings of potatoes weekly for a substitute of other vegetables, legumes, or whole-grain foods can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

But, if the woman continues to make this a habitual vegetable, it could result in many more problems that could be very dangerous for the foetus and for the mother. Women with gestational diabetes have chances of developing pre-eclampsia and hypertension, which again can adversely affect the foetus.

All these conditions put together can put the mother at a higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes in the near future or even during the tenure of her pregnancy. Women who cannot live without this delectable vegetable should do so at any cost, if you want your child to be born without any problems after birth.

Though this study reveals that potato is not a good vegetable to eat, it is mentioned that only too much of its consumption can cause harm during pregnancy.

Yes, it is safe to eat the vegetable and reap its benefits during pregnancy, but too much of it is harmful and not a wise idea to keep in mind, if you want to bring a healthy child into the world.

So, dear lady, the next time you pay a visit to the doctor, inquire from him/her if consuming potatoes is a wise choice to add to your diet, depending on the growth of your foetus, its health chart and also enquire if you can either refrain from consuming the vegetable or add it to your diet list.

However, experts advice mothers who are already diabetic to stay away from potatoes and even women who have a history of diabetic patients in their family.

Story first published: Sunday, January 24, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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