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A New Mums Feedback: What Really Happens At The Time Of Labour?


If you ever thought labour is one piece of cake, you are highly mistaken. Labour happens to be one of the most painful things a woman has to undergo in her life to have a baby.

For most women, this process is complicated, which is why this stage in life is often known as a life and death situation. In the recent past, there have been a lot of women who have passed away in the delivery room after the birth of their child.

Do You Know The 3 Stages Of Labour?

To prevent these situations, it is always nice to be prepared before you go into the delivery room. So, pregnant mummies, here is some detailed information that you should be aware of before the birth of your child.

On the other hand, getting regular check-ups with the doctor to know about your baby's health in the womb is also important, as it enables you to be even more prepared as to what happens at the time of giving birth.

Are You Past Your Due Date?

So, have a look at the possible health and life theats, which you should be aware of that can happen in the delivery room.


Cardiac Arrest:

At the time of delivery, the woman undergoes a 50% increase in the total blood volume and a rapid decrease in vascular resistance, failing which she can get a heart attack while giving birth.


Postpartum Haemorrhage:

Bleeding after childbirth or pre-eclamspia is caused by the lacerations during cesarean section or by natural causes. Patients who have high blood pressure are usually prone to this problem; and if the blood loss is not stopped at the earliest, the mother can pass away.


Due To Infections

Infections in the uterus as well as in the vagina and in the canal are reasons for the mother to develop complications at the time of labour.



Reduced blood flow to the brain and the formation of blood clots during pregnancy can lead to a complicated labour process. It is best to check the quality of your blood before getting pregnant.


Due To Previous Abortions

Previous abortions have a list of side effects at the time of delivery. If you've faced a lot of problems during the previous abortion, childbirth will be twice as difficult.


Poor Medical Attention

Poor medical attention given to the mother at the time of delivery also plays a havoc on her health condition. If the pregnancy case is complicated, extra efforts and care have to be given to the woman during labour.



Pre-eclampsia occurs when the mother is suffering from high blood pressure. If this problem is not treated at the earliest, the mother can pass away or suffer terribly from maternal seizures.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 9:00 [IST]