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Ways To Know Whether You’re Pregnant


Tracking the ovulation days is the first step to plan pregnancy. If you are eager to know whether you are pregnant, then after a few days from the date of ovulation, you can go for a pregnancy test.

What are the different options available to detect pregnancy? Well, here are a few of them.

Blood test is the best way to detect pregnancy. When HCG levels are detected in the blood, the doctor can confirm pregnancy. When can you go for a checkup? Well, after 11 days from the ovulation date, a blood test can help.

Another option is urine test. When HCG levels show up in urine, pregnancy can be expected. When should you try the urine test? Well, the 13th day or later from the ovulation day.

Another method is using a test kit at home. The test involves placing urine drops in the kit which detect pregnancy. However, this test may not give accurate results.

A missing period is another way to detect pregnancy. But of course, there could be many reasons for a missed period. Therefore, going to a gynecologist's clinic may help detect pregnancy.

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