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Things You Must Never Do After A Cesarean Delivery

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Although childbirth is known to be one of the best moments in a mother's life, it is no joke to go through that physical pain. Labour pain and the following procedures that lead to child birth can be excruciatingly painful for many and can leave the new mothers drained both physically and emotionally.

Many of us are aware that childbirthcan be either the normal way, where the new born exits through the mother's vagina, while the other alternative is the Cesarean delivery (C-section).

This is a surgical method of delivery, which is usually performed only when there are risks involved, which are harmful to the baby or its mother.

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Since a Cesarean delivery involves a surgical procedure, it may be quite complicated and the mother will require a lot of time to heal and recoup. Compared to a woman who has had a normal delivery, a mother who has undergone a C-section has a tougher time getting back to her healthy state.

After a C-section, a lot of rest is advised. It may take quite a while for the surgery wound to heal and the pain to subside.

It is very crucial for the new mother to take care of herself, during this period. Boldsky tells you about some of the things that should be completely avoided after a Cesarean delivery.


1. Avoid Strenuous Activity

After a C-section, a woman should completely avoid intense physical workouts or household works that can tire her. Her body will still be recovering, and indulging in such activities may delay that process and increase the pain.


2. Avoid Lifting Anything Heavy

A new mother who has undergone a C-section must not lift anything heavier than her baby for the first few weeks. Doing this may cause the sutures to break and result in bleeding.


3. Avoid Dehydration

It is crucial for the new mother to keep herself hydrated by consuming plenty of fluids. By doing this she can stay energised and also avoid constipation. Constipation tends to leave pressure on the lower abdominal area, thereby increasing the pain.


4. Avoid Stairs

It is best to avoid using stairs after a C-section, as excess use of stairs may make the woman tired. Moreover, it may worsen the surgery wound and cause bleeding too.


5. Avoid Sexual Intercourse

It is advised that for at least a couple of weeks after a cesarean, a woman must avoid engaging in sexual activities with her partner, as it may damage the sutures and lead to unwanted complications.


6. Avoid Coughing

It is better to stay away from cold or unhealthy foods after a C-section, so that you do not develop cough or common cold. Coughing too much, can have a direct impact on the surgical wound which is in the lower abdomen.


7. Avoid Spicy/Oily Foods

Eating clean and healthy is advised after a C-section. Doing this will help you get better sooner. Also, spicy or oily food can lead to digestive problems which affect the mother's recovery process.


8. Avoid Long Baths

Having a shower must be completely avoided for the first few days, after the C-section, as it may lead to infections. After a few days, short showers, or cleaning your body with wet wipes is advised.


9. Avoid Getting Fever

It is important for the new mother to stay healthy and do everything she can, to avoid getting flu or fevers, as fever might be a sign of infection. If the surgical wound is not healing, and is infected, the body temperature rises and results in a fever. Medical attention must be sought immediately.

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