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7 Myths About Pregnancy You Must Ignore!

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To become parents and start a family, at a certain point in their lives, is what most adults yearn for.

Parenthood is one of the longest, yet best, phase of a person's life, which is filled with a lot of joy, learning and also hardships in equal amounts.

Once a person is sure that she is ready to have a baby, she usually talks to her partner or her family about her desire; and from that moment on, the journey begins.

For a few lucky folks out there, getting pregnant can be a very easy task and it happens very quickly.

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However, for some others, conceiving may prove to be harder and may take a lot of time or may involve certain health complications as well.

Once a woman reaches a certain age and is trying to conceive, she gets a lot of advice from people around her about what she should and should not do to get pregnant faster.

Many a times, the to-be parents go through a lot of confusion about the authenticity of the advice given by other people.

So, here is a list of myths about conception that you can safely ignore, have a look!


1. “Conception Is Faster With Day-time Sex”

Some people believe that indulging in sexual intercourse during the day time can lead to a quicker conception; however, there is no clinical evidence to prove this myth and conception depends more on the health of the couple.


2. “Daily Sex Can Increase Your Chances”

Even if you have intercourse 10 times in a day, conception can happen only during the ovulation period of the month and also only if both the partners are healthy!


3. “Riding Bikes Will Reduce Sperm Count”

The above myth has no clinical proof and there are regular instances where even professional athletes have become fathers to multiple kids!


4. “Placing Ice Packs On A Man's Reproductive Organ Increases Sperm Count”

The above act will only make a man's private parts numb for a while and there is no link between this and sperm count!


5. “Irregular Periods Have No Connection To Conception”

Many women ignore their menstrual irregularities. However, it could be the cause for infertility and professional help must be taken for this!


6. “STDs Are Not Linked To Infertility”

If you or your partner were victims of sexually transmitted diseases, even years ago, there are chances that you could be infertile.


7. “Women Cannot Get Pregnant If They Do Not Have An Orgasm”

An orgasm is not all that is needed for a woman to get pregnant or for the sperms to reach her eggs! This is a pure myth.

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