Most Common Causes Of Bleeding During Pregnancy

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Bleeding is one of the most worrisome symptoms during pregnancy. However, bleeding during the first 12 weeks can be normal, while bleeding during the second and trimesters is something that needs extra care.

According to some surveys, it is found that 20% of the women have bleeding during the first few weeks. However, sometimes it may be a dangerous sign and you may need to rush to your GP for a checkup.

Since bleeding is an indication of something abnormal, you have to check with your doctor to confirm that you are in the safe side. Some women experience bleeding near to the 14th day of conception. This mild bleeding is called implantation bleeding.

Generally, moderate to heavy bleeding is an indicator of a miscarriage. In the first trimester, the reason for bleeding can be changes in the hormone level. At the same time, ectopic or molar pregnancy can also cause vaginal bleeding. Whatever it is, get an ultrasound scan to confirm the situation.

Keep an eye on even spotting. When bleeding needs a pad, it's high time to seek medical experts. In this article, let's discuss more about the causes for bleeding during pregnancy:


Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is one of the first signs of pregnancy, which is usually seen in 1 in 3 women. This happens when the egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. Usually, implantation bleeding is lighter than periods, but some experience cramps like periods. Implantation bleeding is not dangerous, according to medical experts.


Breakthrough Bleeding

Some women experience breakthrough bleeding. This means, bleeding happens when the period would have been normally due. Most women experience light bleeding with some common period signs like backache, stomach cramps and a bloated feeling. In some rare cases, bleeding with symptoms of periods is seen throughout the pregnancy.


Ectopic Bleeding

Ectopic pregnancy is seen in some of the women. It is a case where the egg attaches outside the uterus such as the fallopian tube or ovary. Women with such a pregnancy may have vaginal bleeding. Along with bleeding, some also may have a severe pain down on one side of the abdomen.


Molar Bleeding

Molar pregnancy is one of the complicated pregnancies where something goes wrong during the fertilization process. Usually, in such a condition, the placenta is seen as abnormal and cysts are developed in a very fast phase. Molar bleeding is likely to be seen in some women between 6 and 12 weeks of pregnancy.


Bleeding During Or After Sex

It is a frequently asked question that whether is it safe to have sex during pregnancy or not. Actually, having sex is harmless. But, if you experience bleeding, you have to inform your doctor. It may be just due to softening of the cervix or increased blood supply.


Threatened Or Actual Abortion

While some minor bleeding episodes are considered to be normal, there are conditions that require an immediate medical attention. This is when the bleeding is due to an actual abortion. This can occur at any stage of pregnancy.


Placental Abruption

Placental abruption is an uncommon complication that is seen during pregnancy. It is a condition where the placenta peels from the uterus, which causes heavy bleeding. In some cases, bleeding is not seen outside and abruption happens slowly.

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