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Is Getting Pregnant Easy After Two Miscarriages?

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Most woman yearn to be mothers someday. Motherhood is said to be the greatest gift one can have from nature.

It is indeed a transcendental moment for a woman to bring another human being into this world.

From the moment a woman conceives, she eagerly anticipates for that day when she can hold her baby.

But, what happens when nature has different plans for her? What happens when the chance to be a mother is taken away from her midway? Yes, it can be an extremely devastating experience.

Miscarriages lead to a lot of emotional and physical trauma. Losing a baby before giving birth can lead to a lot of pain and frustration.

how to get pregnant after miscarriage

This experience is made a lot worse when a woman has miscarriages twice in a row. Imagine the heart-ache!

After consecutive miscarriages, many women lose hope and get into depression. They experience a lot of confusion and have doubts on whether they can get pregnant again or not.

Therefore, it is crucial for women who have had miscarriages recently to receive enough emotional support from their dear ones.

Often, many women feel that after experiencing two or more miscarriages in a row, it might become impossible to conceive again. So, is this a fact or a myth? It is time to find out here.

how to get pregnant after miscarriage

Experts Speak
Studies have claimed that more that 40 per cent of the women experience miscarriages during various stages in their pregnancy. It is quite common for miscarriages to occur during the first three months of pregnancy.

Also, experts say that miscarriages usually happen just once in the case of most women.

Although, it is estimated that the risk of another miscarriage after the first two recurrent ones is 26 per cent, it is said that the chance of a woman having a healthy pregnancy, even after two miscarriages, is quite high.

how to get pregnant after miscarriage

Taking Precautions
To eliminate negative feelings and fears of having another miscarriage, a pregnant woman must take a few tests that will help in determining the health of her unborn baby. Also, these tests can predict the occurrence of miscarriages, if any.

There are blood tests, chromosomal tests, ultrasounds, hysteroscopies, etc, which aid in detecting problems in the woman's bloodstream, hormonal system and uterus that may be leading to miscarriages.

Taking these tests can give a woman a clear insight of her problems and she can take precautionary measures and treatments from a professional accordingly.

In addition, to avoid future risks of miscarriages, a woman can make a healthy lifestyle change.

It is advised that a woman who has conceived after two or more miscarriages must take pre-natal vitamins and folic acid supplements. She must also maintain a healthy body weight and follow a regular nutritious diet.

Talking to a physician and sticking to the treatments prescribed can also help. It is also crucial to stay emotionally stable and strong at a time like this.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 21, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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