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5 Must-Eat Foods To Increase Testosterone Level

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Testosterone is a natural steroid that is present in the body. It is a male bodily hormone that plays an integral role in a man's health and sexuality.

Testosterone is extremely essential for men as well as for women. Men produce about 40 to 60 times more testosterone than women. Typically, testosterone levels in men are approximately 30% higher in the morning than during the night time.

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So, do you want to know the way to increase the testosterone hormone naturally? Would you want to know the secret ingredients for it?

Testosterone is found within the body; however, there are foods that help increase the testosterone level naturally. Nutrients like zinc, vitamins A, B5 and C, cholesterol, fatty acids and boron help increase the level of testosterone in the body.

foods to increase testosterone level

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is majorly produced in one's body in the testicles, whereas the smaller amounts are made in the ovaries and adrenal glands. For the reproductive organs to work typically and smoothly, vitamin A is needed, so the consumption of foods with vitamin A will increase the level of testosterone in the body.

foods to increase testosterone level

Many enzymes are produced due to the presence of zinc in the body and among these important enzymes are the ones that produce the testosterone hormone. The experiment has also shown the importance of zinc in increasing the testosterone level, and it was also noticed that as soon as the body was given zinc, its testosterone level rose by a large degree. To gain zinc through food, your best options are certainly eggs, meats and seafoods.

foods to increase testosterone level

Essential Fats
Essential fats like the omega-3 fatty acid, found in oily fish and flaxseed, as well as unhealthy fats are crucial for the normal testosterone production.

Boron is a vital substance that can help in the bodily hormone manufacture and also can increase the testosterone level in the body.

foods to increase testosterone level

Potassium & Vitamin B
Bananas are good because they're rich in potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin that are needed for the testosterone production. Bananas and pineapples also contain the enzyme bromelain that's believed to improve the male libido.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 31, 2016, 20:45 [IST]
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