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Do Pesticides Reduce Sperm Count?

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A new study claims that eating vegetables and fruits which have pesticides on them could also affect the sperm count in men. Of course, researchers say that there is no need to panic but its a fact that there would be a dip in the sperm count due to pesticides.

Do Pesticides Reduce Sperm Count

When researchers compared the sperm count of a group of men who ate foods that contained traces of pesticides with another group of men who ate pure food, they came to know that there is a slight difference in the average sperm count. However, the difference is found out to be slight.

Do Pesticides Reduce Sperm Count2

Most of the men are more obsessed with many other aspects of love making like size, performance, erections and other stuff but seldom think about the quality of their seed.

Do Pesticides Reduce Sperm Count3

Though men who are in other phases of their lives may take this research lightly, the ones who are attempting to get into the role of a father may need to be careful about their food choices and the fruits and vegetables they eat.

Do Pesticides Reduce Sperm Count4

We all know that certain studies claim that the quality of sperm is declining with changing times which means that today's men are suffering lower sperm counts compared to their ancestors.

Do Pesticides Reduce Sperm Count6

Out of the many reasons which scientists have identified, even pesticides seem to have contributed to this decline in the sperm counts all over the world.

Do Pesticides Reduce Sperm Count5

Of course, several other factors like environmental pollution, excessive mobile usage and estrogen are also seen as some of the other reasons which are killing the warm count in today's men. So, men may need to focus on such factors especially during the reproductive years.

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Story first published: Monday, July 18, 2016, 12:19 [IST]
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