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How Husbands Can Prevent An Unwanted Pregnancy

Husbands can prevent pregnancy too! Women may have a million options to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but experts state that when it comes to a man it is much easier and safer to help for him to prevent himself from becoming a father when he isn't ready.

According to experts, it is normally the woman who shows up at the clinic to opt for birth control pills, contraceptive medications and other alternatives.

When there are options for men to also prevent pregnancy why can't couples make best use of it.
Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the five birth control options men have to lean on, if their spouse is not ready or not able to opt for birth control or other medications.

Studies show that three out of these five options can prevent pregnancy to a 85 percent. However, methods like withdrawal and outercouse which is foreplay are unlikely for men to control themselves when they are get in the mood.

Husbands should definitely take a look at these birth control options, and make use of them as they are harmless and inexpensive too.

The five five birth control options for the modern man:
When a man follows abstinence it is proved to be a 100 percent safe for the woman not to get pregnant. However, abstinence can affect the marriage and can cause drastic problems in the relationship.

It is said that to prevent pregnancy men should make it a point to opt for condoms. The condom is worn on the penis and it is made out of latex. Not only does it prevent pregnancy, it also helps to prevent sexual transmitted diseases.

Outercourse is one of the many ways husbands can prevent pregnancy. In simple words, outercourse is sex play or foreplay that keeps sperm out of the vagina to prevent pregnancy. This is an effective method for women too.

One of the most expensive ways for men to prevent pregnancy. Vasectomy is sterilization for men that prevents pregnancy. Though many men don't opt for this method, it is effective and best if you never want to become a father.

Husbands can prevent pregnancy by practicing the withdrawal method. Withdrawal is also called coitus interruptus or the "pull out method". It is something that most men follow during vaginal intercourse to prevent pregnancy. It in not 100 percent safe, but sure is easy and convenient.

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