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Common Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills

By Padmapreetham Mahalingam

A hormone based birth control pill can be a cause for concern if they come with side effects. There certainly are side effects if you pop a birth control pill, yet the majority of it is not serious.

Before taking a birth control pill, you need to ask your doctor about it to understand the common possible side effects.

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Some of the common birth control side effects are nausea, changes in sex drive, weight gain, headache, dizziness, sore or swollen breasts, small amount of blood between periods, irregular periods, lighter periods, high blood pressure and cholesterol, fluid retention, decreased libido, constipation or bloating, enlarged ovarian follicles, changes in vaginal discharge, hair loss, bone density loss and mood changes. However these side effects do subside after a few months.

Birth control methods can be annoying as it can make your cycle irregular, lighter or nonexistent, and some of the birth control side effects include unpredictable spotting or bleeding after you have started using it.

While the pill may be an accepted method of contraception it also has a laundry list of long term complications.

A lot of women don't understand the serious health risks involved in following hormonal birth control methods. Some of the other long term side effects of birth control are eye problems, jaundice, gallbladder disease, embolism, breast tumours and liver tumours. It also carries the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and cervical cancer.

Here are some of the common birth control side effects:



If you have started using birth control for medical reasons, it is advised not to use it indefinitely. The most common birth control side effects are nausea and headache. Many of the symptoms are due to the estrogen contained in the pill and if they go don't away, you need to switch to another formulation.



Birth control pills are considered to be a hormonal birth control method that has a secure dose of estrogen and progesterone for the women to prevent ovulation. As a result of added hormones, quite a few women experience birth control pills' side effects that lead them to be more emotional or even moody. Nevertheless this is not a longterm side effect and usually goes away after a short time. Taking food before bed time can certainly help for your well being.


Abnormal bleeding

Most women develop abnormal bleeding between periods when they first begin consuming oral contraceptives. You are most likely to have spotting and experience fairly heavy bleeding between periods. The artificial hormone in the birth control pills represses ovulation, which causes moodiness, fatigue and spotting between periods. Moreover these symptoms do happen even when you stop taking oral birth control methods. This is a normal side effect experienced during the first 3 months of taking birth control pills.


Breast tenderness

Breast tenderness or enlargement does occur once you start using birth control pills. The tenderness can be fixed by decreasing caffeine and salt intake and also by wearing a good support bra. Women suffering from birth control long term side effects need to seek prompt medical attention if they have chest pain, high blood pressure, pain with breathing, severe abdominal pain and sudden beginning of blurring of vision.


Decreased sex drive

Sex drive may be affected by many things and the hormone in birth control pills intensifies this problem.


Take Care

These are some of the common birth control side effects it is necessary for you to be aware of them before your start going on the pill.

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