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Can You Get Pregnant After Vasectomy?

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A vasectomy is a minor surgery of a man that is done to make him sterile. In this surgery, the vasa deferentia is severed. This surgery is done to prevent the chances of conceiving. But, a majority of couples wish to have babies after the surgery is performed. In case of women, tubectomy is a surgical procedure for contraception. It is also permanent and women can't reproduce after going through this surgery. It is believed that a woman can't get pregnant after her partner does a vasectomy. However, there are chances to get pregnant even after the surgery. Lets check out how..

Can You Get Pregnant After Vasectomy?

Getting pregnant after a vasectomy:
  • Consult your doctor. There are many options to overcome a vasectomy and help your partner get pregnant again. You can either go for surgeries or take medications. Consult your doctor and discuss about your plans. Surgery can be expensive so, take medicines.
  • See if vasectomy can be reversed. A surgery can be done to reverse the vasectomy. Known as vasovasostomy, in this surgery the tubes are reattached. It allows the sperms to enter the urethra to let the ejaculation of sperm occur and take forward the process of impregnation. Generally, it takes more than a year to get pregnant after a vasectomy is reversed.
  • Sperm retrieval. This technique is done in combination with the in-vitro fertilisation method. The sperm of the man and the woman's eggs are retrieved in the lab by experts and then it is injected in the uterus.

Is it risky to get pregnant after a vasectomy is reversed?

Ideally, there is no risk that a man can face. The man can get scars, damage few tissues that can cause pain. However, the woman can suffer from infections or in worst cases, ovarian cancer. This risk can only happen if the couple decide to go fro in-vitro fertilisation technique. Always ask the aftermaths of the reversal surgery before taking a mutual decision.

What to do before reversing vasectomy?

  • Be sure whether you are ready for it or not.
  • Discuss with your partner and see if she always wishes to have a baby or not. Do not force her to get pregnant.
  • According to studies, 40% of the babies born after a vasectomy suffer from birth defects.
  • Vasectomy is a cheaper method of contraception that is permanent unless you decide to reverse it. Reversed vasectomy on the other hand is quiet expensive especially if you go for in-vitro fertilisation and sperm retrieval together.

In medical terms, it is possible to get pregnant after a vasectomy. Make sure you are ready for it. Don't be stubborn for the reversal if your body is not supportive for it.

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