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How Soon Can You Get Pregnant After Giving Birth?


Just five months ago, Kate Middleton gave birth to a healthy baby boy and now she is pregnant again! Kate Middleton's second pregnancy has sparked the debate on what is the ideal time gap between two pregnancies. Did she get pregnant so soon because she is already in her 30s or is it that she wanted to get over with another baby before she loses the baby weight? The theories just keep pouring in. The truth is, being pregnant just after giving birth is a scary prospect for any woman.


Childbirth is an ordeal and when it is all done, you want to sit back and relax for some time. But if you don't know how soon you can pregnant after giving birth, you can have unplanned pregnancies. If you have second pregnancy too soon, your health and that of the first born baby suffers. That is why, getting pregnant soon after giving birth seems like a bad idea.

But does anybody actually know how soon can you get pregnant after giving birth? Here is the answer to the question.

5 Weeks

That the least we have heard. Some women say that you are extremely fertile after giving birth and many women get pregnant just 5 weeks after they have given birth. This means that there is a gap of 11 months between two children.

After You Stop Bleeding?

Some women continue to bleed for at least 6 to 8 weeks after they give birth. However, if you are not having your periods, you must realise that this is residual blood and has nothing to do with your menstrual cycle. You can get pregnant even when you are passing post-partum blood if you have had unprotected intercourse.

After First Period?

In many cases, a woman's menstrual cycle does not return to normal for at least six months after giving birth. Now, you may think that you cannot get pregnant because you are not having periods. This is again a dangerous myth. You can get pregnant even if you do not have your period because you may be ovulating. In fact, not having your period may be a sign that you are pregnant after giving birth.

Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Even today, women believe that breastfeeding is a form of contraception on its own. However, this is not a full-proof thing. Breastfeeding may discourage pregnancy but it certainly cannot prevent it. So, you need to use protection even when you are breastfeeding and be careful if you are not having periods yet. Do a pregnancy test every four weeks to be sure.

These are some facts about getting pregnant just after giving birth that you should know and never ignore.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 12, 2014, 6:01 [IST]