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What Is The Right Age To Get Pregnant?

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Right age for pregnancy | ये है माँ बनने की सही उम्र | Boldsky
Right Age To Get Pregnant
Just like how there is an age for falling in love and marriage, there is also a best time to conceive. Many women of the older generation state and advice the newly wed to have a baby before 30 as the body is flexible enough and the chances of vaginal pregnancy is more.

Not just that, there are many more reasons that determine the right age to get pregnant. Today, we shall talk on this topic to help our young women to plan better and have a happy family. Take a look.

Right Age To Get Pregnant

There isn't a right age for pregnancy but the best time for a women to conceive is by 30 (max 32) years as after 35, the chances slim down. It is also said that late pregnancy may even develop some anomalies in the child. It is important to get checked by the gynaecologist and start with IUI as that will give you an even clearer idea on this.

How Relationship With Husband Helps You Determine The Right Age To Get Pregnant?

  1. If the marriage happen at a very early age (say 21), the couple might plan for a baby by 27 or before 30. When people find a partner late, their other plans also get delayed.
  2. A marriage should stabilize a woman's life. The relationship between couple need to get stronger and reassured of consistent and happy living.
  3. Some women may have a lot of fear regarding pregnancy which needs to be dealt by partner with care.It is important to talk about these things and plan a family according finances and age.
  4. It is not impossible to conceive after 35 but it is not easy for all women to have a healthy pregnancy during the time.
  5. For the present generation, the best time to conceive is not 25 but 30 as women nowadays have a lot more things to do other than being at home. They have a career, education to concentrate and also manage home. As per many generationalists '30s is the new 20s'.
  6. Apart from the fertility issues, other health problems such as blood pressure, sugar problems may possibly occur after 35 and may also risk the baby.

As a responsible individual, one needs to understand that just like how there is a time limit to settle in life, there is right age for pregnancy and baby care.

Story first published: Friday, January 13, 2012, 14:31 [IST]
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