Why Are Women Scared About Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy Scare
Many women postpone pregnancy as long as they can, as they are too scared and concerned of the pregnancy process, pain and physique. The changes in the body may lead to lot of problems such as shapeless body, weakness, fatigue, aging and many more.

Women who love to be in shape are a little hesistant to be newly pregnant and try postponing it as long as possible. When they are in their 30s, they have a problem in becoming a mother as their body, by then, wouldn't be as supportive to have a normal baby delivery.

Family members and husband need to educate the women in dealing with fear of pregnancy. They need to know that there isn't anything to get scared and it is a stage of life that every woman (coming form all sections of life) will have to undergo.

Today, women are lucky as they get all the the information, from how to become pregnant to being newly pregnant to baby delivery in mouse clicks. The hospitals and technology is very well equipped for a luxury care of the mother and baby.

There are painless baby delivery in a few countries and super speciality hospitals to care of the newly pregnant from day 1 to day 275. There are also pregnancy exercises that will ease delivery (normal/vaginal delivery) and maintain fitness.

Husbands are also equally accommodative, they help in cooking, baby care and shopping. They have better knowledge than the men in the earlier generation. They browse on net and understand the process of pregnancy. They help their partners to deal with the pregnancy scare.

Men of the present generation are much more matured and caring. They do pester women with doubts and train family in welcoming the new bundle of joy. They take care of home, cleanliness and organising. For them, being parent and responsible would already become a part of life.

All in all, it is more easier to be pregnant than it is used to be before. Women, without any doubt can getover with the pregnancy scare and understand that it will be the happiest time of life.

Afterall, it is the only time women will be pampered by family and husband so the best way to deal with is by enjoying it thoroughly.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 17, 2012, 11:47 [IST]
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