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7 Benefits Of Pills Beyond Contraception

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Pill Benefits
Love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it. Birth control pills are much debated and dissented upon but before you make up your mind about them, you must ensure that you know all sides of the story. The fabled pill has benefits that are over and above contraception. You may be surprised to know that birth control pills are not prescribed just as contraceptives for women. They are prescribed for a variety of reasons.

This tells one simple thing. The pill has benefits apart from avoiding a pregnancy that we do not know about.

7 Benefits Of The Pill Beyond Contraception:

1. No More PMS: It is a womens' secret; most often we pass off our terrible tempers as Pre Menstrual Stress so that it seems more scientifically justifiable! Jokes apart, PMS is seriously a problem in our already stressful lives. The pill has a definitive calming effect on you even if it cannot eradicate mood swings.

2. Relieves Menstrual Cramps: If you have a serious problem of menstrual cramps then going on the pill will be beneficial for you. These pill relieve cramps and make your periods much more comfortable than usual. Birth control pills are usually not prescribed to adolescents who are not sexually active but for mature women there is no harm in trying it.

3. Prevents Blood Clotting: Those chunks of blood that make you feel wet suddenly are blood clots. Some women have the tendency of bleeding in clots. This usually happens couple with the cramps, so the discomfort is obvious. If you are on contraceptive pills then your bleeding is regularized. The clots will dissolve and you bleed in a more restrained way.

4. Prevents Anemia: Many women, especially Asian women are prone to anemia (i.e. low hemoglobin count in the blood). Menstrual bleeding further depletes their already meagre supply of iron. Women on the pill have the benefit of not becoming anemic during their period. The bleeding is light and restricted to minimum.

5. Cure For Ovarian Cysts: 1 in 3 women these days suffer from PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. The contraceptive pills for women are an effective solution for dissolving ovarian cysts. In fact, these pills are prescribed to women diagnosed with cysts.

6. Regularizes Your Period: This point is connected to the previous one. While there are a plethora of reasons for your periods being irregular, the main one is ovarian cysts. The pills dissolve the cysts and even other wise ensure that you have a regular 28 days cycle.

7. Diminished Risk Of Cancer: Being on the pill for a sustained period of time (2-3 years) substantially reduces the risk of ovarian cancer. It is also known to have a detrimental effect on breast cancer.

So pill has benefits that makes it much more than just any other contraceptive. That should tip your decision in it's favour.

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Story first published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 14:40 [IST]
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