Are You Avoiding Pregnancy Due To Obesity?

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Many women avoid pregnancy due to obesity, they get concerned that their overweight may affect health and the developing baby. Obesity in pregnancy can lead to higher risk as the birth of the baby gets complicated and may lead many health problems like gestational diabetes, preterm birth, urinary tract infection, sleep apnea etc. Today, we will discuss more on why obese women avoid pregnancy and health risks. Take a look.

Obesity In Pregnancy

Nearly 1/3rd of every women are obese and pregnant and it is expected to rise in many numbers. The unhealthy food habits, lack of exercise make women get overweight and avoid pregnancy after the doctor explains the complication related to child birth.

Obesity can increase pregnancy health risks, it not only affects mother's but also affects baby by making it defective by birth. The baby may possibly have cardiovascular defects, limb abnormalities, neural defects etc..

What Should An Obese Woman Ideally Do?

Calculate BMI (body mass index) before planning for pregnancy. It is best to lose weight before than avoid pregnancy later.

How To Calculate BMI?

Its very simple. Know your height (in feet) and Weight (in pounds). Divide weight with height and the answer below 25 or 30 suggests that your weight is ideal and above the numbers as obese.

How To Lose Weight?

Instead of avoiding pregnancy, keep your food intake at minimal. Include nutritious fruits and vegetables and keep a check on calories. This will make control the weight gain.

Exercising everyday will gradually bring down weight and help you maintain body according to age and height.

When the dietician suggests that your weight is ideal for pregnancy, plan and follow the instructions strictly.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 18, 2012, 12:46 [IST]
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