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Can Exercise Prevent Pregnancy?

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Can Exercise Prevent Pregnancy?
Old wives tales such as "You should not run if you are trying to conceive", "Do light exercises during pregnancy" etc. are always heard of. Well, there are few exercises that you can do even after you are pregnant. For example, walking, swimming are few aerobic exercises that can be done while you are pregnant. But, there are few exercises that can lead to miscarriage. Jumping, running and so on are risky for the pregnant woman. There is a common question among women; can exercise prevent pregnancy? Check out the answer...

1. Exercise is nowhere related to infertility issues. If you do not get periods, chances are that you might get pregnant. So, do not think that working out is preventing you from getting pregnant.

2. Light exercises does not effect your reproductive system to a greater extent. For example, walking or swimming are healthy exercises that every woman can try before or while trying to conceive.

3. Exercise benefits your body as it cures ovulation and menstrual related problems. Missing ovulation weakens the chances to conceive and so, you should workout regularly. However, be selective with your exercises. Heavy weight lifting can stop you from ovulating.

4. Strenuous exercises such as lifting dumbbells, push ups, pulling or pushing heavy weight etc. affects the ovulation cycle. These exercises also damage the uterus and weakens it thus preventing you from getting pregnant. Avoid any exercises that put pressure on your abdomen.

5. Exercise might not be the reason behind not getting pregnant. You might be suffering from some other problem in the reproductive system. Consult your doctor and check out the reason.

6. Sperm count is also a matter of consideration. If you are trying to conceive, you need to have a reasonably good sperm count that makes easy for the fertilisation process to happen. If you think that exercise is preventing you from getting pregnant then do not come to a conclusion before consulting a doctor.

If you are trying to conceive but cannot succeed, do not blame it on the planets or your workout regime. Consult a doctor and come out with a solution. You might face difficulty in conceiving because of your unhealthy lifestyle, habits or some biological problems. Just be careful if you are fitness freak. Walking, cycling, swimming and yoga are healthy exercises that can help you get pregnant. Do not forget to keep a track of ovulation cycle. Ovulating days are the ideal ones to conceive faster without difficulty. So what are you waiting for? Just wear your sports shoes and try simple exercises to stay fit without worrying about conceiving.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2012, 18:16 [IST]
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